The Fearless Community

I'm part of the team that runs The Fearless Community. This Slack-based community space pulls together designers from all over the world. They can share stories, find resources, and network with designers like themselves. As the lead for the UK channel, I help to foster conversations between designers based in the UK. I also work to support the other country leads, as well as create content for the wider global community.

Channel moderation


It's my role to ensure that the UK channel is an open and engaging place to be! We have a fresh topic every week for discussion, as well as general chat and networking between designers.

There are now more than 100 of us in this channel, and a range of backgrounds, from new design graduates to Heads of Design.

Events and talks

Through the community, I've hosted and organised a variety of events and talks.

We held an event with designers from the Portugal channel. We shared the parts we love about our country, and it was lovely to meet other designers from the community.


Past events