Productivity in Notion

October 1, 2020

I gave a brown bag talk in the Fearless community, showing members how I use Notion to organise my personal life. I also give some pieces of advice about using Notion generally.



I forgot to record the first few minutes of this! Rookie mistake


  • You can use to add neat little widgets to your Notion page. Sadly, they don't do Apple calendars, my mistake for saying they did before! 😭
  • Use the Notion app on Android/iOS and the Notion Web Clipper to save content directly to a Notion table or gallery.
  • Look at Fruition if you'd like to create a public Notion page that acts like a proper website.


Home template

Just go to 'Duplicate' in the top right of the page and you should be able to make a copy to your own Notion workspace