Increasing sales at Acme Inc.

Increasing sales at Acme Inc.

Company name
Acme Inc.
PrototypingUser Research

Acme Inc. is a company that does this thing.

One problem they were facing is that not enough people were buying their thing.

My task was to:

  • Find out why people weren’t buying the thing
  • Design a way to fix the problem
  • Show that the solution worked

The cause of the problem

I spoke to a user who had contacted customer support about their problem. They explained to me what they wanted to do and what they tried on the website.

I confirmed this with the analytics team, who showed that traffic through the website dipped at that point.

Coming up with solutions

I created a couple of different ideas for ways to improve the design. Our team has a design system so I designed so that the new look and feel stayed consistent with the rest of the website.

Below are two of the designs I came up with.

Before suggesting this to the design team, I ran an unmoderated A/B test with prototypes. I wanted to test quickly to make sure the redesign was alright, but I didn’t want to hold up the rest of my team.

The results of the testing showed that the redesign would have a positive impact on the number of people buying the thing.

Building and launching the solution

Because we use a design system, it was easy for me to talk to the developers and show them exactly what we needed to make.

Once the feature was launched, I checked with the analytics team, and they showed me that the redesign was increasing the number of people going through that page by X%.

Over the next three months, we also saw that sales had increased by Y%, and the number of customer support messages related to buying the thing were down by Z%.


The redesign overall took about two weeks, but the impact on the sales was noticeable. I also showed the importance of testing quickly, as well as investigating the problem properly before starting on the redesign, as the answer is not always an obvious one.