Notion for designers

Notion for designers

This is the template page for the Fearless event. Feel free to make a copy of this and explore it in your own time!

Before we dive in...


Start small and take your time Notion is a tool with many powerful features, but when you’re getting started, you won’t need most of them. Pick up new things as you go along!


Go at your own pace I’ve been using Notion since 2018, so there’s a lot I’m already comfortable with just because I’ve used it a lot.


Don’t worry about getting it right No system is perfect, and there’s always flexibility to change as you need to. It’s better to go with a design choice then edit it later, than to not have anything at all.

Community topic suggestions

  • Organising backlogs/teams in other ways (i.e. without the board view)
  • Databases
  • Documentation in Notion (i.e. bringing all design-related elements into Notion)
  • Embedding into Notion
  • Organising tips, and how to find things quickly
    • Favourites and searching
    • Central/linked databases
    • My Dashboard
  • Using Notion to organise your day-to-day life (not work-related)

Creating a portfolio

What a portfolio needs:

  • Simple and quick navigation
  • Readable content
  • Responsive and device agnostic

What it doesn’t need:

  • Animations
  • Fancy branding
  • Parallax scrolling

Here’s one I made earlier:

Portfolio template

And some sites for inspiration

Further resources

Notion 101 playlist

Notion customers

Other talks

I’ve spoken about Notion in the past, and you can find those talks here:

Building your portfolio in Notion
Productivity in Notion


Any other questions?

You can always message me on LinkedIn or Twitter. I’m also active on the Fearless Slack community, which you can join here.